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When I was 5 I snuggled up in my twin bed with my Disney Princess comforter and had a dream, not just any dream, the most vivid dream I can remember.  I was on my pink bike, with the white basket and handle bar ribbons. I was speeding down my street with the wind blowing my knotty, should have been brushed, brown hair..............WITH NO TRAINING WHEELS!!! 

The next morning (6 or 7am) I defiantly woke my dad and told him to take off the training wheels. I was going to learn to ride that bike. I explained to my dad that it had to be just like the dream or I was certain it wouldn't work. He humored me and made me waffles (just like in my dream) and my mom didn't brush my hair. We then went outside and he grabbed his tool box and headed for my bike. The wheels were off, just like that. I hopped on the seat and began to pedal. 

Most kids fall the first few times, but for some reason I didn't. I pedaled slow at first and then faster until the wind was blowing my hair, my dad cheered as I turned around in the neighbors driveway and made my way back without as much as a falter in my technique. I can't describe the feeling that I had as I was reliving my dream there in front of 1058 Common Field Street, but I can tell you I knew I was going to ride that bike and it was all because of a dream.

Since that Spring day in 1996 none of my other dreams have came true to that extent. I can not see into the future, nor do I believe that is what happened. What I do know for a fact is the reason that dream came true. It was not because I dreamed it. It was because at the sweet age of 5 I had the ambition to make it come true. I am still, after many hardships in my young life, "attempting ambition". I firmly believe that if you are ambitious about something only good can come from it. So if you get nothing else out of my writings get this; BE AMBITIOUS ABOUT EVERYTHING, the people you love, the things you do, the values you hold, and above all, always be ambitious about your dreams.


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