Satisfied, Not Searching

Sometimes I feel myself whining about wanting things to be different (I’m sure you can all relate). I want to be skinnier. I want Ben and I to have our own place. I want to have more money. I want more gratification for all the things I do. I want, I want, I want….

Then I began to think about all the things I “want” and gave myself a little pep talk about always searching for “more”.

"I want to be skinner"- Get over it Liz. At least you can walk and have no physical handicaps; there are some people out there who cannot say that. Go to the gym, put down the candy bar and quit bitching.

"I want Ben and I to have our own place"- Good things come to those who wait. Learn to save your money better. At least you have somewhere (even if it isn’t ideal) to call home, many people don’t. 

"I want to have more money"- Who doesn’t? Work more hours, and again, you have way more than a lot of people. The cliche “Money cannot buy happiness” is brainless, it can’t buy it, but it can make things a little easier to enjoy, so find some way to make more and spend less.

"I want more gratification"- If you are doing things for gratification from others, you are doing it for the wrong reason. Impress YOURSELF, surpass YOUR last great accomplishment. Keep going until YOU are satisfied by the outcome. Let that be YOUR gratification.

All in all this post was not to just inform you that I whine a lot sometimes, but to show you that you too can take the things you whine about and look at the bigger picture. Will what I’m whining about now be remembered in 6 months, a year? Gather the important things you want to do in life and DO THEM! Stop whining about what gets in your way and MOVE what gets in your way (I could be a motivational speaker, huh?). All in all I want you (and me obviously) to stop searching so much and learn to be satisfied with your lot in life, and if your not, change it, don’t whine. An interesting perspective I read somewhere, was if you were to wake up tomorrow with only the things you thanked God for today, how much would you really have?


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