A Beautiful Struggle

Be strong and endure for one day this pain will be useful.

We all know those people to whom everything has been handed. The people who have everything and have worked for nothing. Before you get excited, this post is not being used to bash those people. It is not their fault.  I will also say, if you are one of those people, this post is also going to be beneficial to you.

We are all dealt cards in life. Some get the good ones, and some get the shitty ones, but it is all in how you play the game. We tend to envy those who have it all, but what if I said they should envy those who have struggled.

To those of you that have cried, screamed and fought in life, I praise you. For those who have thought that they couldn’t accomplish something and then did, I admire you. For those of you that kept going when no one thought you could, I commend you.  In my life, I have struggled, a lot. I can tell you that I wouldn’t change anything that has happened to me.

If there is anything that I have learned in my life, it is that struggle is the GREATEST gift God can give a person.

Here’s why. Think about the struggles you have had in your life. Now quit thinking about yourself and begin to think about others. How can your struggles help someone else? I know from experience telling a person about my struggles has helped them deal with their own. Sharing with someone your problems not only helps you, but it can profoundly impact those around you. This is where playing with the cards you were dealt, comes into play. You can choose to be an inspiration to others by expressing your overcame struggles, or you can mope and sulk about your issues and envy those who are more fortunate.

To those who have not had to struggle much in life, I say this: find a way to do so. Find something you don’t think you can do and do it. There is no better sensation than the sensation of accomplishment. It will be hard. It will probably make you cry. It will be worth it. The people who have not struggled have not lived. To fight like hell for what you want in life, and win, is the greatest experience in the world.

So, the next time you look at someone and feel envious because they haven’t had any hardships in their life, feel sorry for them, and not yourself. You are the one to be jealous of, for you are the one who has struggled.


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