Diamonds are Forever. No. Seriously, FOREVER!

So here is a funny story you all may enjoy. Ben and I have been shopping around for wedding bands. After seeing what all the jewelers had to offer, we finally selected and purchased his band last night. I absolutely love my marquis diamond engagement ring with round accent stones.  Ben had this custom designed using family diamonds, but this custom ring was turning into a nightmare. We had been to almost every jeweler in St. Charles/St. Louis with no luck in finding a band that looked right with my custom made engagement ring. I liked the look of double diamond bands on either side of the ring, but that was outrageous in price. Finally, we found the perfect setting about two weeks ago, but decided not to purchase just yet.

As I said we purchased Ben’s band last night, so then since he got his ring I wanted to at least go look at the setting (a diamond guard that my engagement ring will sit inside) that I had decided on. The store happened to be  holding a sale yesterday that took a good amount of money off of this unique ring, so he bought it! I was thrilled, trying it on the whole way home, posting pictures on Facebook, and disappointed to know I couldn’t wear it all together until July.

My rings size is a 7 and  this exquisite guard was a size six 6, so I could only put the whole piece on above my knuckle on the proper finger. The more and more I kept admiring it the more and more I wanted to try it on the right way. So with a slight push, it slid over my knuckle and it looked beautiful!! That is until my finger began to swell and become red. You can guess what happened next. I freak out and try every trick the book (Google) had to offer. I used ice, soap, Vaseline, Windex, string, and even mayonnaise. It was stuck. This stunning diamond set was causing my finger to look like a damn hotdog. I decided that since it was only uncomfortable, and not cutting off the circulation, I would sleep with it elevated to see if the swelling would go down by morning. Long story short, it didn’t. At this point, it was much more swollen and much redder. A new symptom of throbbing caused us to make the executive, very painful, decision to have the rings [eeeeeek I still hate to say it…] cut off.

After debating going to the ER and risk them tearing the rings apart or going to a jeweler who may charge for the cutting, we decided the jeweler would be the better idea. I called several jewelers and found one that wouldn’t charge us to remove the rings. The lady at the jewelry store comes out with a scissors saw looking thing and begins to cut the bands and my engagement ring. Ben, who spent much more than he would have liked to on that set, could barely watch. Then finally (after a good amount of pain) they were off, and it felt GOOD!

This piece is not like my other ones in that there  is not some point you are supposed to get at the end of it, or a big “ah-ha” moment that you should ponder for days. It is strictly the “good story” that I was trying to tell Ben that all of this would make. Good news is that the rings will be good as new by the wedding and at little cost to us. The  bad news is that I have to live with this embarrassing story for the rest of my life. Some of you may call me stupid (Lord knows Ben did), and some may call me a kid at heart, due to the fact that I couldn’t wait to try on my pretty new ring. Either way, if you can’t laugh at yourself, how can you every laugh at anyone else?

Here is what it will eventually look like when it is all back together...pretty, huh?


  1. oh no! Poor Liz -- I'm glad everything is coming out alright, though!


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