I am selfish. I am spoiled. I am stubborn.

As some of you may know I was accepted to go to Kenya in April of 2013. This trip will allow me and other fellow nursing students go into an underprivileged area and give medical care to many of the impoverished and sickened people of Kenya. As I am truly excited for the trip, I am also a bit apprehensive.

 I am selfish. I am spoiled. I am stubborn. 

These are my three worst qualities. 

I am selfish. Being raised as an only child my life consisted of MY own toys MY own room, MY own bed, MY own food, MY own parents, and MY own dog.  In becoming an adult, I attempt to be less selfish, but I have yet to tell that quality to leave and not let the door hit it in its rear on the way out. I have an immense amount of desire to change that attribute that is so caustic in my life. As you can see, a selfish person wanting to go do good in a third world country seems a bit odd. I will be truthful and tell you it is not just a selfless act. I believe that a trip to Kenya will help with the process of becoming a more humble, less selfish person. 

I am spoiled. Growing up, we didn't have an abundant amount of money, but I always had way more than was necessary. I remember always getting new toys as a child, taking trips with my parents and spending a lot of time in leisure activities. Not to mention the things that we all probably take for granted. Think of our laptops, iphones, satellite cable, cars, jobs, warm beds, clean water and good meals. Most all of those things do not exist where I am headed in just 4 short months. The environment that I will be living in for 15 days is like nothing I have ever experienced. This is scary to say the least, but again I have looked at the poor qualities that I possess. In order to change my outlook on life and truly be thankful and content with the lot I have been given in life, I need this trip. 

I am stubborn. Ever since my fathers death, and a quality I believe I received directly from him, I have been too stubborn to acknowledge and accept help when I actually need it. I am too proud. I don't like asking for things, especially money. Well here I am sending out fundraising letters and making a fundraising website. I need help. Plain and simple, I can't do this by myself. The cost of this life changing, bad-quality altering trip is $3200.00. This amount is forcing me to be humble, to accept help, and for that I am grateful.

The cost is a factor in my apprehension, but the main cause of my concern are those three qualities. Can I do this? Can I give these people the compassion that they require? I can only pray that God grants me the strength to overcome these attributes. This trip will not only help better the lives of those affected by poverty, poor hygiene, unattainable nourishment and non-existent medical treatment, it will better me in more ways that I can fathom. I am attempting compassion. 

Checks or supplies can be mailed to:              Elizabeth Vossenkemper
                                                                        5230 Washeon Road
                                                                      St. Charles, MO 63301


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