From Kenya With Love

Most of my blogs are written with the intent to inspire...over the next two weeks I can't promise I will have the energy to wrap it all up in a nice to-the-point blog that has deep meaning brought out by my experience in Kenya. For the next two weeks you will be looking for the meaning and I will simply be keeping you all updated.

We arrived in Kenya Monday 4/29. You could feel the rich African culture the moment you stepped off the plane. Driving to our hostel was an experience as well, so many people walking to work, selling newspapers in the middle of the highway, women with baskets carried on their heads.

We then began to unpack our luggage and get settled. We met the people we will be working with and then began sorting and organizing our medical supplies for our clinics. The atmosphere while sorting through the supplies had an energy that I have never felt before. Future nurses and doctors collaborating on the best possible organization techniques to sustain six, 10-12hr clinic days that will serve thousands of people. People with a raw desire to help others, no ulterior motives, no going through the motions for a pay check. Helpers. (See "Be the Helpers")

Tomorrow (or today rather) we open out first clinic of the trip. I was told what to expect, but if I had to guess, I would say worked do not do it justice. I'm suffering from insomnia currently and have been awake since 1:30a my time (it is almost 5am). Part jet lag, part excitement are the causes. I miss my hubby, dog and friends...but wouldn't change the opportunity of this experience for anything.

Will update more with pictures when time allows!


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